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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to my website. Here you can find some of my past concert recordings, information, photos, future projects and much more.


Coming to the viola after completing my full musical studies as a violinist, I immediately fell in love with this wonderful instrument for its amazing tonal possibilities, which were in my opinion much wider, richer and closer to my ears. From the very beginning I felt much more comfortable with the viola and after a few months I started to perform concerts as a violist. First it was rather a hobby, bringing me a lot of pleasure and fun but people liked it and I decided to do it professionally. More details can be found in my biography.


I just would like to mention some of my stage partners and friends, not listed in the biography, with whom I have been so lucky to perform. I had the pleasure to play with such great pianists as Mikhail Mountian, Pavel Nersessian, Vadym Kholodenko, Polina Osetinskaya, Vassily Lobanov; violinists: Viktor Tretiakov, Vilhelmas ?epinskis, Alexander Trostiansky, Alena Baeva; cellists: Alexander Rudin, Suren Bagratuni, Denis Shapovalov, Boris Andrianov, Alexander Buzlov; conductors: Modestas Pitr?nas, Maxim Emelyanychev, Sergei Skripka, Dmitry Vasiliev; clarinetist Evgeny Petrov, guitarist Dmitry Illarionov, ballet star Nicolas Le Riche and many others.


In the subsection "CD" you can find one of my few non-classical projects : the CD "KARZER" with the music of the extremely interesting Russian composer Sergei Kornilov, written in the style of "progressive rock" for solo violin and samplers.

Enjoy viewing and do not hesitate to contact me with concert and recording proposals via the contact form or email: info@mishaberkut.com

One of the most brilliant violists in the world.
His playing is distinguished by beautiful timbre, virtuoso technique, outstanding interpretation and profoundly penetrating understanding of composer's ideas.
A combination of the enchanting viola sound with the brilliant violin virtuosity, a powerful explosive temperament yet exquisitely lyrical, a deep insight into the composer's mind and  revolutionary avant-garde ideas, put him on a par with the world's best musicians.
Berkut is a musician whose playing combines the intensity of feeling and tremendous tension of thought. He has the most important thing that defines a great artist : the art of producing that first note, with which the musician will either capture or lose the audience, the skill to hold the emotional line. In addition, he has a powerful masculine temperament, a violin rather than a viola technique, and fine insight into the flexible ligature of counter-states.


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